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The Cards


Sometimes it doesn’t matter

What you thought or how ya’ felt

Sometimes ya’ gotta’ play

The cards you’re dealt.


Maybe you’re a single mom

Who needs a little help

Maybe you’re a drug addict

Just needing a way out.


At times it doesn’t matter

If you need help or you want out

Sometimes ya’ gotta play

The cards you’re dealt.


The deck of cards for the game of life

The single mom, the widowed wife

The car accident, the surgeon’s knife

These are all face cards in the game of life.


A lottery ticket, a settlement

An Inheritance, a scholarship

A federal grant, you won a trip

Sometimes the lucky cards will hit.


But the lucky cards don’t always come

The deck It seems there’s only one

And eventually the cards go bad

And we get caught up in something sad.


But you can only play the cards you’re dealt

No matter what ya’ thought or how ya’ felt

The cards you’ve got are in your hand

Just play your best and take your stand.

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